YCA’s Year 7 programme offers specialised preparations for Middle School skillsets and mindsets.

This programme is suitable for students who prefer a small school, close-knit community environment, small class size and individualised learning.

Year 7 Curriculum

YCA is in the planning phase to assess demand and feasibility in offering a very compelling Year 7 (IMYC+) programme. It will maintain and build on existing relationships with both peers and teachers in our unique Christian school environment. The programme prepares students with Middle School skillsets and mindsets. It will offer support to those who would like more time to receive coaching and boost specific skillsets or subject areas.

The Year 7 curriculum will be based on the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), which is a continuation of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) used in our Year 1 to Year 6 programmes. This curriculum provides the flexibility so that we can incorporate our Christian values, Wellbeing Curriculum, Chinese Studies and Learning Diversity provisions. It is mapped to the English National Curriculum and the American Common Core Standards, which is transferrable to British, American and IB schools, providing a seamless transition and flexible options for students.


The Learning Process

The learning follows inquiry units called “Big Ideas.” Different from IPC units, students will have a deeper learning, which enables their development of coherent connections in a subject and act as an anchor for making facts useful, to facilitate connection building and transfer across subjects. There are 4 units per academic year, where each unit lasts approximately 6 weeks with 2 weeks of personal inquiry. Similar to the IPC, students will have the opportunity to consolidate their learning and share with their peers and family at Exit Points.


Comprehensive Learning Diversity Support

Students who require additional support will receiving coaching focused on transdisciplinary skills, which includes self-directed learning skills, executive functioning skills, load management and learning barrier management. These skills aim to prepare students to manage the new expectations and stress when they move to secondary school.


Deeper Learning

Students will engage in a year long personalised innovation project to build agency, confidence and self-directed learning and skills through an in-depth learning project (PBL).

Premium Transition

Students will receive Premium Transition support to assist them in identifying suitable secondary school options, interview preparation and admissions follow-up.