Geoff Blaik – YCA Principal

YCA is a hidden gem located in the vibrant Soho district in the heart of Hong Kong Island. We are well known as a “small school, with a big heart”… a unique learning community built on a solid foundation of authentic, meaningful relationships. Mutual trust and respect are highly valued, building a strong sense of shared understanding of purpose within our community. Building on this foundation, YCA has an aspirational, future-focused orientation, offering each and every student a personalised, meaningful and empowering learning journey. We achieve this through international best-practice, inclusive pedagogical approaches such as experiential learning, service learning, and project-based learning embedded in our dynamic, engaging curriculum. 

YCA is a learning community where success in various forms is attainable by all, with each child being known and supported to be their best selves. We believe that school should be a place where a love of learning is ignited through learning opportunities that empower students, exposing them to a broad range of experiences and giving them real world, transferable skills. Our experienced and passionate staff are committed to accompany our students on every step of their learning journey, nurturing students to explore and develop as AGENTS, taking charge of and growing their own unique “brightness”. 

We are committed to continuous improvement and maintaining a culture of adaptability so that we can stay in tune with the needs of the modern learner in an ever-changing world. Our membership with Future Schools Alliance reinforces our commitment to providing our students with an education that supports them in prospering from the opportunities and navigating the challenges of their own bright futures. I would encourage you to come and visit for a school tour and witness the YCA advantage for yourself.