Arthur has thrived at the school. We have watched as he has gained confidence in himself and in his ability to support his peers who have become his good friends. The comfort and support from the teaching staff means he is willing to try new experiences and we are very pleased with his Chinese reading and writing skills which have greatly improved. - Tabitha Hayes (Year 1 Parent)
The staff at the school nurture my daughter with love and care. Our daughter enjoys learning at the school because the classes are full of joy. All new faces are welcomed to join our small community. - Benjamin Li (Year 2 Parent)
No words can describe how thankful we are to have Janice be part of the YCA family, under the highly qualified teachers along with educational programs you have. One of the main reasons that we chose YCA is your core values, we believe those values are pivotal foundations in helping children succeed in later life by fostering their intellectual, social, and emotional development. The teachers at YCA are so helpful, warm, accessible, enthusiastic, and empathetic, full of support and encouragement. They helped build Janice’s confidence and instil her ability to lead through learning in the classroom as well as through sports. Not to mention the welcoming smiles from the Principal and the Vice Principals every morning as all children are entering into the school ground, the tremendous efforts from the teachers in running all sorts of excursions, after school activities and special events. They are nurturing a true sense of community. - Year 5 Parent
When my child is sick and still wants to go to school, I know that THIS is the school! With dedicated and caring principals, teachers and other caretakers, my child is building self-esteem, confidence and competence every day. We are surprised by the creative and fun-filling curriculum. As Christians ourselves, we treasure most the Christian values upheld in the school. - Year 2 Parent
YCA is a great community school. The teachers are very caring. My child have issues in controlling her emotion, but I have seen remarkable improvement during her time in YCA. Also, YCA is one of the few Christian international school in Hong Kong and they really put Christian value into practice in their curriculum. - Richard (Year 3 Parent)