Welcome to the YMCA Christian Academy Parent Teacher Association.

YCA supports students’ success in school and life by building close relationships between parents, teachers and the school. The YCA PTA supports this objective and facilitates a range of supportive services and events to bring our community together.

Message from our PTA

Greetings YCA community,


On behalf of the YCA PTA, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new families and students to the YMCA Christian Academy community. To all of our returning families and students, welcome back! We would also like to extend a warm welcome to all the great teachers and school staff who are part of the YCA community this year.


The key objectives of the YCA PTA are as follows:

  • To promote the close cooperation and mutual support among the various stakeholders within the School community focusing on the general welfare of the students and positive image of the School and its community.
  • To provide a forum to promote and support discussions on general matters concerning the entire community of the School.
  • To provide or assist in providing such additional facilities, resources and extra-curricular activities as approved by the Principal of the School.


At YCA, the PTA works closely with the teacher body and the School Leadership Team to foster an open platform for healthy dialogue. The PTA also strives to work with the parent body to support the school through advocacy, volunteerism and fundraising activities. You can make a big difference in maximising community outreach by engaging in various capacities as a general member of the PTA. These duties include:

  • Attending PTA meetings
  • Getting involved in planning, owning and running events
  • Running smaller school projects
  • Encouraging participation and enthusiasm for the events organised by the PTA
  • Promoting the school positively beyond our community to support our growth and development

We look forward to working with you all in helping create an active, engaged and supportive community focused on empowering and developing our students.


Best Regards,


2023-2024 PTA Executive Committee

Abigail Tannis Porter – Chair

Akhil Nair – Vice Chair

Irene Chan – Secretary

Cyrill Arzner – Treasurer

Eva Cheng – Event’s Coordinator


Should you have any questions, please contact PTA at pta@yca.edu.hk